Our mission is to enable everyone to achieve more with secure workplace tools
One-size doesn’t fit all
While co-founder Annie Wang was working on an enterprise proprietary collaboration platform in her previous company, she came to realize that there isn't a one-size-fits-all workplace solution that suits every enterprise's needs well.

Likewise, workplace apps, such as Notion and Airtable, are often forced to prioritize features for some customers at the expense of the rest. This usually leads to a poor cross-platform experience and products that struggle to scale without becoming bulky and slow.
The limitation
Most proprietary collaboration workplace tools share one major limitation: Customers find it hard or expensive to have 100% control of their data.

Users worry about entrusting sensitive data to these tools and are naturally concerned about their longevity. Furthermore overcoming vendor lock-in poses a significant challenge.
Our solution
AppFlowy - a secure, open source workspace for wikis and projects, made to suit everyone.
Put control of your data in your hands
Ensure the user interface is fast and intuitive.
Make integration and customization easy with no vendor lock in. Add AppFlowy into your existing workflows or build a customized workspace with our open source building blocks such as AppFlowy Editor and Kanban Board.
Build an open source codebase with a community-driven open toolbox of plugins, templates, and themes so you can design and modify AppFlowy your way without limits.
Our mission
We aim to enable everyone to unleash their potential and achieve more with secure workplace tools by upholding these core values from the very beginning:
Data privacy first
Community-driven extensibility
Reliable and fast native app experience
Continuous, fast-paced innovation
Commitment to an open source philosophy
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