What’s New?
July 16, 2024 - v0.6.4
New Features
Integrated the AppFlowy Editor into AppFlowy AI Chat.
Enabled customization of the document cursor color and selection color in Settings.
Bug Fixes
Optimized the performance for loading recent pages.
Fixed an issue where the cursor would jump randomly when typing in the document title on mobile.
July 8, 2024 - v0.6.3
New Features
Publish an AppFlowy document as a website / Share as a web page
July 2, 2024 - v0.6.2
New Features
Duplicate a Space.
Move a page from one space to another.
Undo markdown formatting with `Ctrl` / `Cmd` + `Z`.
Revamped the UI of the Shortcuts tab in Settings.
Close AppFlowy on macOS, and the application remains in the Dock bar.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where it was unable to zoom in with `Ctrl` / `Cmd` and `+` on some keyboards.
Fixed an issue where nested lists could not be pasted into existing lists.
Fixed an issue where typing inside inline code broke the format.
Fixed the position of the maximized app when restarting.
Fixed a UI issue that caused the inability to view select/multi-select values on mobile.
June 20, 2024 - v0.6.1
New Features
Introduced "Spaces" for organizing pages into multiple sections, either privately or shared with entire teams.
Bug Fixes
Resolved issues with editing Kanban card titles and checklist items.
Resolved an issue where underscores could cause the editor to freeze.
Resolved an issue where the toolbar could be blocked by the keyboard on some Android devices.
June 19, 2024 - v0.6.0
New Features
Introduced "Spaces" for organizing pages into multiple sections, either privately or shared with entire teams.
Bug Fixes
Resolved issues with editing Kanban card titles and checklist items.
Resolved an issue where underscores could cause the editor to freeze.
Resolved an issue where the toolbar could be blocked by the keyboard on some Android devices.
June 6, 2024 - v0.5.9
New Features
Revamped the sidebar for both Desktop and Mobile.
Added support for embedding videos in documents.
Introduced a hotkey (Cmd/Ctrl + 0) to reset the app scale.
Supported searching the workspace by page title.
Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue preventing the use of Backspace to delete words in Kanban boards.
May 21, 2024 - v0.5.8
New Features
Navigate, create, and move Kanban cards with keyboard shortcuts.
Scale up/down the application view with Cmd / Ctrl + '+'/'-'.
A custom implementation of a title bar for Windows.
Added default system font family.
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue on mobile where new lines could not be added in the callout block.
More UI polish for mobile.
Resolved issue with editing the database title.
Improved the display of empty text cells in Kanban and Calendar.
Fixed issue where a page's "more actions" (delete, duplicate) did not work properly.
Resolved an inconsistency in padding on the Get Started screen on desktop.
May 10, 2024 - v0.5.7
Bug Fixes
Fixed editing Kanban card title in place.
v0 5 6
May 7, 2024 - v0.5.6
New Features
Team collaboration is live! Add members to your workspace to edit and collaborate on pages together.
Collaborate in real time on the same page with other members. Edits made by others will appear instantly.
Create multiple workspaces for different kinds of content.
Customize your entire page on mobile through the Page Style menu with options for layout, font, font size, emoji, and cover image.
Open a row record as a full page.
Bug Fixes
Resolved issue with setting background color for the Simple Table block.
Adjusted toolbar for various screen sizes.
Added a request for photo permission before uploading images on mobile.
Exported creation and last modification timestamps to CSV.
v0 5 5_codeblocks
April 25, 2024 - v0.5.5
New Features
Revamped Code Block
Added magic link authentication
Bug Fixes
Fixed the database synchronization indicator issue
Resolved the issue with opening the mentioned page on mobile
Cleared the collaboration status when the user exits AppFlowy
April 9, 2024 - v0.5.4
New Features
Introduced support for displaying a synchronization indicator within documents and databases to enhance user awareness of data sync status
Revamped the select option cell editor in database
Improved translations for Spanish, German, Kurdish, and Vietnamese
Supported Android 6 and newer versions
Bug Fixes
Resolved an issue where twelve-hour time formats were not being parsed correctly in databases
Fixed a bug affecting the user interface of the single select option filter
Fixed various minor UI issues
v0 5 3
March 26, 2024 - v0.5.3
New Features
Added a new property, "Relation," to the database
Supported filters in Kanban
Auto-filled filter values when adding a new row to a filtered view
Made AppFlowy available on 32-bit Android devices
Expanded language support with the addition of Greek
Enhanced toolbar design for mobile devices
Bug Fixes
Enhanced the logic governing the filtering of number and select/multi-select fields for improved accuracy
Implemented UI refinements on both Desktop and Mobile platforms, enriching the overall user experience of AppFlowy
March 14, 2024 - v0.5.2
Bug Fixes
Import CSV file.
Fixed an unauthorized toast displayed when launching the third-party sign-in URL.
Fixed number filter logic when no parameter is provided
Fixed select option filter logic when choosing "is not empty" as the condition
March 11, 2024 - v0.5.1
New Features
Introduced support for performing generic calculations on databases.
Implemented functionality for easily duplicating calendar events.
Added the ability to duplicate fields with cell data, facilitating smoother data management.
Now supports customizing font styles and colors prior to typing.
Enhanced the checklist user experience with the integration of keyboard shortcuts.
Improved the dark mode experience on mobile devices.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue with some pages failing to sync properly.
Fixed an issue where links without the http(s) scheme could not be opened, ensuring consistent link functionality.
Fixed an issue that prevented numbers from being inserted before heading blocks.
Fixed the inline page reference update mechanism to accurately reflect workspace changes.
Fixed an issue that made it difficult to resize images in certain cases.
Enhanced image loading reliability by clearing the image cache when images fail to load.
Resolved a problem preventing the launching of URLs on some Linux distributions.
v0 5 0_release_notes
February 26, 2024 - v0.5.0
New Features
Supported database calculations: average, max, min, median, sum.
Expanded sorting and filtering options to include more field types like checklist, number, last created time, and last modified time.
Enhanced sorting capabilities, allowing reordering and addition of multiple sorts.
Implemented depth control for outline block components.
Cmd / Ctrl + , to open up Settings
Word count, character count, and created at are available to view in the document.
Added support for scaling text on mobile platforms for better readability.
Introduced a toggle for favorites directly from the documents' top bar.
Optimized the image upload process and added error messaging for failed uploads.
New checklist task creation is now more intuitive, with prompts appearing on hover over list items in the row detail page.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where inserting an image from Unsplash in local mode was not possible.
Fixed undo/redo functionality in lists.
Fixed data loss issues when converting between block types.
Fixed a bug where newly created rows were not being automatically sorted.
Fixed issues related to deleting a sorting field or sort not removing existing sorts properly.
Windows 7, Windows 8, and iOS 11 are not yet supported due to the upgrade to Flutter 3.19.0.
February 18, 2024 - v0.4.9
Bug Fixes
Resolved the issue that caused users to be redirected to the Sign In page
February 14, 2024 - v0.4.8
Bug Fixes
Fixed a possible error when loading workspaces
February 3, 2024 - v0.4.6
Bug Fixes
Fixed refresh token bug
February 2, 2024 - v0.4.5
Bug Fixes
Fixed WebSocket connection issue
February 1, 2024 - v0.4.4
New Features
Added functionality for uploading images to cloud storage.
Enabled anonymous sign-in option for mobile platform users.
Introduced the ability to customize cloud settings directly from the startup page.
Added support for inserting reminders on the mobile platform.
Overhauled the user interface on mobile devices, including improvements to the action bottom sheet, editor toolbar, database details page, and app bar.
Implemented a shortcut (F2 key) to rename the current view.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the font family was not displaying correctly on the mobile platform.
Resolved a problem with the mobile row detail title not updating correctly.
Fixed issues related to deleting images and refactored the image actions menu for better usability.
Fixed other known issues.
January 16, 2024 - v0.4.3
New Feature
Create your own AppFlowy theme by following [this guide](https://docs.appflowy.io/docs/appflowy/product/themes)
Bug Fixes
Fixed file name too long issue
January 15, 2024 - v0.4.2
New Features
Enhanced RTL (Right-to-Left) support for mobile platforms.
Optimized selection gesture system on mobile.
Optimized the mobile toolbar menu.
Improved reference menu (‘@’ menu).
Updated privacy policy.
Improved the data import process for AppFlowy by implementing a progress indicator and compressing the data to enhance efficiency.
Enhanced the utilization of local disk space to optimize storage consumption.
Bug Fixes
Fixed sign-in cancellation issue on mobile.
Resolved keyboard close bug on Android.
January 4, 2024 - v0.4.1
Bug fixes
Fix import AppFlowy data folder
December 31, 2023 - v0.4.0
December 7, 2023 - v0.3.9.1
Bug fixes
Fix potential blank pages that may occur in an empty document
December 6, 2023 - v0.3.9
New Features
Support inserting a new field to the left or right of an existing one
Bug fixes
Fix some emojis are shown in black/white
Fix unable to rename a subpage of subpage
November 14, 2023 - v0.3.8
New Features
Support hiding any stack in a board
Support customizing page icons in menu
Display visual hint when card contains notes
Quick action for adding new stack to a board
Support more ways of inserting page references in documents
Bug fixes
Improved color of the "Share"-button text
Text overflow issue in Calendar properties
Default font (Roboto) added to application
Placeholder added for the editor inside a Card
Toggle notifications in settings have been fixed
Dialog for linking board/grid/calendar opens in correct position
Quick add Card in Board at top, correctly adds a new Card at the top
v0 3 7_what'snew
October 31, 2023 - v0.3.7
New Features
On the "Open as a Page" view, display checklist items under the progress bar without requiring an extra click.
Enabled an option to hide checked items, displaying only unchecked items under the progress bar.
Allowed hiding the "No Stack / Ungrouped" stack.
Supported direct renaming of a stack by clicking on the stack name and editing it in the Kanban.
Supported saving card orders on a Kanban after restarting the app.
Added the "Date" content type to the slash menu.
Improved the reminder message in the notification center; now you can click on it to jump to the reminder block.
Enhanced the UI of the checklist progress bar.
Bug fixes
Optimized the side panel animation.
Fixed the Calendar with hidden dates or titles showing options incorrectly.
Fixed the horizontal scroll bar disappearing in the Grid.
Improved the settings UI in the Grid.
Enhanced the UI of the code block in dark mode.
Fixed some UI issues.
October 17, 2023 - v0.3.6
New Features
Enabled keyboard shortcuts to format text as bold, italic, underlined, and strikethrough.
Supported turning off notifications in Settings.
Revamped the notification center.
Introduced a new theme: Lemonade.
Added Ukrainian language support.
Supported auto-hiding the side panel when adjusting to a smaller window.
Bug fixes
Improved Vietnamese translations.
Fixed some UI issues.
October 10, 2023 - v0.3.5
New Features
Access Unsplash's library in AppFlowy
Text-to-image with Stability AI / OpenAI.
Revamped the emoji picker throughout AppFlowy.
Bug fixes
Improved Settings.
Polished the restore page banner.
Improved the UX of Reminders.
Small UI fixes.